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Sheer Luck

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Meet Belém’s (or St. Vincent’s) Tower. “It’s a fortified tower in the [borough of Belém,] municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the significant role it played in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries. The tower was commissioned by King John II to be part of a defence system at the mouth of the Tagus river and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. The tower […]

It’s a Bit Embarrassing…

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Been living in Reading for a couple of years now. People sometimes mentioned Henley to me, including my former house mate Christina that rows there, but I’d never been to, until this weekend… It’s just a 15′ drive and quite beautiful so it’s a bit embarrassing I’d never been there before… Well, here’s a snap of Henley riverside close to sunset…

London West End Chinatown

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The first (and last!…) time I drove to London I parked in Chinatown. For this I paid an obscene amount of money. On top of this I arrived so late that half the friends I was going to meet had gone home by then. A few days later I got post from the mayor of London inviting me to pay for congestion tax. Never again!…