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Sheer Luck

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Meet Belém’s (or St. Vincent’s) Tower. “It’s a fortified tower in the [borough of Belém,] municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the significant role it played in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries. The tower was commissioned by King John II to be part of a defence system at the mouth of the Tagus river and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. The tower […]

I Hated The Circus

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Made amends with The Circus this weekend. When I was a child my parent’s companies would organise Christmas parties and the employees’ children would get presents. In one occasion my mother was responsible for organising her company Christmas party and, with that mandate, she rented a circus. It was great fun and at the end the cherry on top of the cake – the presents. We stayed after the show as my mother had to hand […]

Those Were the Days

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Lisbon has a much smaller tram network nowadays. It was pretty big whilst I was growing up. There was a tram route connecting the far West side of town to the far East. It was so long and it took so long that most people would say farewell to their family if they had to take that route. The photo shows the notorious route 28, a massive success among tourists and their jolly pocket pickers BFF. Although […]


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February the 1st, 1908. King Carlos I of Portugal was returning to Lisbon after a winter hunting season in Alentejo, a province in the southern part of the country. This was an early return triggered by the escalation of the turmoil in between monarch and republican factions. Three days before a republican coup d’état attempt had been frustrated. The royal family (in this instance the King, Queen Amélia and Prince Luís Filipe, heir to the […]