I Hated The Circus

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Made amends with The Circus this weekend. When I was a child my parent’s companies would organise Christmas parties and the employees’ children would get presents. In one occasion my mother was responsible for organising her company Christmas party and, with that mandate, she rented a circus.

It was great fun and at the end the cherry on top of the cake – the presents.

We stayed after the show as my mother had to hand over the check to pay for the circus performance. My mother was then swarmed by circus kids, some of them participating in the act. They where asking my mum if there had been some toys left for them.

From close they look much less glamorous than from a distance. Their faces were fairly dirty and the clothes patched all over (it sounds a bit melodramatic and Dickens-like, but all true). I started hating circus after that such was the traumatic impression that had in me.

Many years after this, there was this family gathering and, for some reason I don’t remember, circus was brought up as a conversation topic. My cousin Luísa, about my age, was there and stated her circus dislike and backed it up the exact same story I’ve just told you. It all came back to me: my mother had invited her for that same show… She was there and had witness the same I did and it had the same impact on her!…

I went this weekend to the circus with my nephews and, as I said at the beginning, made amends with the circus. 🙂

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