Those Were the Days

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Lisbon Tram

Lisbon Tram

Lisbon has a much smaller tram network nowadays. It was pretty big whilst I was growing up. There was a tram route connecting the far West side of town to the far East. It was so long and it took so long that most people would say farewell to their family if they had to take that route.

The photo shows the notorious route 28, a massive success among tourists and their jolly pocket pickers BFF.

Although keeping their original body the mechanics and hydraulics have been refurbished and modernised. The 1980s version had no doors. That openness allowed passengers to freely hop in and hop out in between the actual stops. Why one would do that? Out of convenience. For instance, this would allow you to catch the tram at a closer spot to your destination. Not every spot would be suitable. The best were the ones close to bends, as the tram would slow down making it achievable to hop in or jump out.

Yours truly, as most teenage kids, was one of those tram grasshoppers. And, once again, as most teenage kids, tennis shoes were part of the standard wardrobe. In one occasion, and for some reason I don’t recall, I wore a more formal pair of leather shoes. Coming home (route 18) I jumped out of the moving tram at the usual spot, close to home.

When my right foot reached the ground  instead of the usual tennis shoes induced traction I got leather prompted slippery. Whilst trying to compensate for my fast-moving unbalanced state – I kid you not – I flipped in the air a good 360 degrees before landing with a bang on the street pavement.

I gave myself a few seconds to recover my basic senses. I looked over my shoulder. The tram had stopped and everybody inside was looking in my direction, checking for vital signs. As I stood up, giving evidence of being functional, the tram carried its business as usual. My right leg was sore where it joins the bum for more than a year and I never went to see a doctor. Those were the days.

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