The Planes!… The Planes!…

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Friday: Tails

Friday: Tails

Some flights ago I was taken to board the plane by bus. When we got to the stand I took a quick snapshot of the plane when I was about to board. Some guy from the ground staff immediately signalled me not to do it. “The captain doesn’t allow it”, he said.

Left me wondering… was it a security procedure or just superstition?

I’ll have to come up with a new idea for a mini-project as this one puts the Instant 1×1 to rest…

The Author

Ordinary office buffoon or, alternately, rock'n'roll soul trapped in a IT project manager body. When not fighting to deliver on time, on budget and on specification, will be chilling out with wife and daughter, enjoying a good meal accompanied with a nice wine or using his sense of aesthetic and photography training to snap some shots. And so here we are...

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