Old School Anxiolytic

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Anecdote / Landscape / Travel
Come Fly With MeIn one of my recent flights from London to Lisbon I sat next to a mature couple. The husband took the window seat and the wife the middle one. During taxi they were cuddling and, in spite of that being quite sweet, my myopic sense tingled, signalling that the wife might be a nervous flyer.

It was a flight without much story, mild turbulence included. But when it came, it proved my sense right as the wife’s anxiety levels rose to borderline panic. In angst she frantically called the BA flight attendant. Lucky enough she was just passing by with her trolley.

Very experienced, she explained that we were just going through a cloud and the captain hadn’t even turned on the seat belt sign. This didn’t help much as the anxiety levels of the distressed passenger kept escalating. Realising that the flight attendant said: “do you want me to get you something to help?”. The woman nodded in plea.

It took less than a minute for the flight attendant to come back with a proverbial double gin and tonic.

The Author

Ordinary office buffoon or, alternately, rock'n'roll soul trapped in a IT project manager body. When not fighting to deliver on time, on budget and on specification, will be chilling out with wife and daughter, enjoying a good meal accompanied with a nice wine or using his sense of aesthetic and photography training to snap some shots. And so here we are...

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